Santorini Island

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The island of Santorini

Dreamy holidays start here

Santorini, a world-renowned cosmopolitan destination, is an island of distinct character in the centre of the Cyclades Island complex in the Aegean Sea. Shaped by a volcanic eruption that sunk a large portion of the island and created the majestic caldera, Santorini could well be the legendary Lost Atlantis. Its breath-taking beauty draws thousands of visitors from every corner of the world, who find in Santorini the ultimate destination for indulgent, luxurious holidays, whereas enamoured couples frequently choose it as the idyllic location for their romantic weddings.

Santorini offers its visitors a multitude of inviting attractions, from imposing volcanic beaches with crystalline waters and imposing medieval castle-cities to active volcanoes with therapeutic hot-springs, as well as a wide range of exciting activities that praise the unique character of this island such as hiking in picturesque landscapes with majestic views, indulging in the gastronomic pleasures of Santorini’s rich winemaking and culinary culture, or to simply relishing in authentic island living that spares no luxury. In Santorini, visitors find a small slice of travellers’ heaven, a captivating realm where time seems to stand still and everything is made for their utter leisure. Explore Santorini and enjoy everything this amazing destination has to offer to the maximum!