Akrotiri Village

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Akrotiri Village, on the south-western end of Santorini Island is a quaint traditional village built around the medieval Kasteli of Akrotiri, but it is more widely known as the site of the Aegean’s Pompeii, the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri that was annihilated in the volcanic eruption of 1620 B.C. In addition, Akrotiri houses the famous Lighthouse, one of the most iconic lighthouses of the entire Cyclades, and the spectacular volcanic Red and White Beaches.  From Akrotiri and Akrorama Villa & Suites you can enjoy sweeping, panoramic views to the caldera of Santorini, Thirassia Island, the volcanoes and the sea, whereas the sunset is a spectacle that will undoubtedly take your breath away!

Akrotiri Village is located within easy walking distance from Akrorama Villa & Suites, and hiking around the village and impressive medieval Goulas (the watch-tower) in the centre of Akrotiri is an activity you will surely enjoy during your stay. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the archaeological excavations of the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri for an in-depth look into the rich past of a highly advanced Aegean civilization, one that might well have sparked the legend of the Lost Atlantis.

The region also homes one of the most iconic beach of Santorini, the famous Red Beach. This beach never ceases to amaze visitors with the otherworldly beauty of the imposing rock formations that vividly showcase the islands volcanic background and is located within walking distance from Akrorama Villa & Suites.

Feel free to ask the Akrorama Villa & Suites concierge for directions to Akrotiri’s must-visit spots, for cruise or guided tour arrangements, activity suggestions or anything else that will upgrade your stay in Akrotiri and Santorini. We would be delighted to share our insider’s knowledge to the best attractions this magnificent island has to offer!